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What is Voice Recognition Technology?

Since the new generation of hands free mobile devices was introduced, it has brought about a lot of interest in voice recognition systems. These devices are more than just a way to save time while driving; they have a distinct advantage over the traditional methods of communicating: unlike fixed wireless communications, voice control is completely hand held and free from distractions.

What you can do with a mobile device that records voice commands is endless. Whether you need directions, address information, or even a name and phone number, voice recognition technology is the key to overcoming the challenges of mobile communication.

Advantages of Voice Recorgnition

One of the advantages of voice recognition is the ability to pinpoint exactly where the device was when the command was recorded. For example, if you want to order a pizza, but you were on the train, you can easily say “take the pizza.” However, if you were on a busy street, you would probably want to direct your request at an intersection.

Other benefits of voice recognition technology are: you can use it to control your home appliances, entertainment devices, computer equipment, or even home security devices. With a simple phrase, you can have these gadgets turn on, turn off, pause, or play music or television programs.

A great new device that allows you to work hands free and gives you total control over your devices is the Motorola Droid. It has an amazing feature called “Oxygen,” which makes it easy to make phone calls without using your hands.

The feature is activated by making a long-press of the oxygen button while your Motorola Droid is turned on. When activated, the two microphones to capture audio from any nearby sources and send it to the headset that connects to the Google Voice service.

The call quality is very good and you get complete hands-free power. And, since the two microphones are located on the side of the Droid, there is no interference from other devices when you speak into the device.

Another great feature of the Android phones is their built-in voice recognition feature. Google introduced the functionality with its latest version of Android. This enables users to integrate speech recognition into their web pages, allowing them to run voice search without ever having to open up their browser.

In fact, the voice search feature is so advanced that Google offers different types of programs to help novice users learn the ropes. This makes it even easier for voice recognition to become part of daily life, allowing you to do more of your day-to-day tasks and get more done in less time.

Voice recognition is not restricted to applications that work on the Internet, either. If you use Google Maps, for example, you can activate the Voice recognition feature to ask Google Maps to navigate you through your route.

While some critics have criticized Google for keeping its features secret, the company insists that there is no advantage to keeping such a feature of the Internet. According to the company, the great thing about it is that people are constantly going online and asking for such applications, so the need is always there.

Once you’ve decided that the benefits of voice recognition are something you need to consider when owning a mobile device, make sure that you check out the online features offered by your specific model. Voice recognition is definitely something to look into!

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